I used to fall apart for a day or two each year on my surgiversary (the anniversary of my shunt surgery/hydrocephalus diagnosis-January 15 to be exact).   It was always my time to get sentimental, or from my husband’s perspective – moody.  Emotionally I would be a wreck.  I’d cry unexpectedly and be very sensitive to pretty much everything.  The first few years, I actually planned a surgiversary party to ensure that I would be surrounded by those I love during this difficult time for me and to serve as a distraction to me.  To me, January 15th is even more important than my real anniversary for a few reasons.

First of all, because I realize that things could have turned out much differently for me.  I am one of the lucky ones!  Since my diagnosis, I’ve met several people whose lives are more seriously impacted by their hydrocephalus-people with permanent disabilities-people who will never have a real job and lead a normal life.  People who will never know the joy of running in a race or raising a family of their own and it absolutely breaks my heart.  Hydrocephalus robs so many people of so many good things.  I want to change this fact and on August 24th we will all do a small part to do just that-change the future of someone less fortunate.

Secondly, my anniversary is never that special.  I mean it is, but it isn’t.  Of course it’s special because it is the day that I married my husband.  But I didn’t marry a real romantic type so for us our anniversary generally consists of a dinner out without our kids and that is the full extent of our anniversary celebration.

Finally, my surgiversary is important because it is a date for me to reflect on my past struggles, remember my journey through surgery and its subsequent recovery, to celebrate my progress and most importantly to praise the Lord for all that is good in life!

Well this year for whatever reason January 15th came and went without the blink of  an eye.  I didn’t even realize it until last week when I was looking at my calendar counting my monthly miles for January.  I was shocked when I realized it because it’s never passed without my taking notice and falling apart for a day or two.  So happy surgiversary to me and I hope this motivates you to commit to participating in Brainy Day 5K 2013!  It will make a difference to so many people!