September is designated National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month by the United States Congress. This virtual run is a great way for two great organizations in Michigan to bring more awareness to local, regional and national awareness of hydrocephalus. It’s also an awesome opportunity to help us raise more funds to support the many initiatives we organize throughout the year to support those living with hydrocephalus.

By now, we’ve all seen our fair share of virtual races – everything from a COVID-19 Survival Run that comes with a bottle of sanitizer to a “wizarding” race where you get a wand for signing up. Well, we’ve taken a different approach and hopefully you find it enjoyable. By signing up for the Brainy Day Virtual Run / Walk, not only will you get an awesome finisher medal and cool running buff / DIY mask, but 50% of your registration fee will be donated to The Brainy Day Fund and the Michigan Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation. We’re also adding an award group for the participants who can raise the most through donations for The Brainy Day Fund and Michigan Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation. AND as a BONUS, you’ll get a 15% coupon on a pair of Asics running shoes.

Race, Run, Walk, Fundraise

We’ve got a virtual event that fits with your comfort zone of participating. No matter what you decide, rest assurred you will be donating at least 50% of your registration fee to The Brainy Day Fund & Michigan Hydrocephalus Foundation. That’s $20 per person going to help two wonderful organizations helping those living with hydrocephalus everyday. You can choose to register for an 8K ranked event (with age group awards) or a choose-your-distance run/walk. For each option, you can also choose to support one of our two organizations for additional fundraising.

Yes. We’ll Have Awards!

As we’ve mentioned, everyone who participates will get a Custom Finisher Medal. For those who participate in the 8K race, we’re planning on giving gift packages for Top Male & Female Finishers and digital awards to age group winners.

For those who want to participate in fundraising for our two supporting hydrocephalus organizations, we’ll be awarding the individual who raises the most for each of the organizations a special care package for your next adventure outdoors. The Gift Packs will include (but not limited to) a Brainy Day Fund Water Bottle & Visor, 2x Nuun hydration tubes, and a few other trinkets that we’ll collect along the way.

Awesome Race Swag

To maximize your total donation to the two organizations, we opted for a Running Buff for our Virtual Event participants. These custom Buffs can be used as a bandana, headscarf, neck gaiter,  mask, or makeshift beanie. During registration, if you want to order any extras, you’ll have that opportunity.

What does this race support?
This virtual experience supports two Michigan-based organizations that support hydrocephalus awareness & research programs. Hydrocephalus is a the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain. It’s most common in infants and older adults. Hydrocephalus is characterized by head enlargement in infants. Adults and older children experience headache, impaired vision, cognitive difficulties, loss of coordination, and incontinence. Treatment is often a tube (shunt) inserted surgically into a ventricle to drain excess fluid.
Is this a for-profit race?

No. Outside of the costs to manage the race (medals, swag, and design work), all money collected is leveraged to support the awareness of hydrocephalus. Our race director and staff is 100% volunteer time. 

What does my registration fee cover?

Your registration fee covers production on the Finisher Medal and running buff, shipping costs to get that to you, and a donation to The Brainy Day Fund & Michigan Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation; both are 501c(3) non-profit organizations. 

What Virtual Events Will Be Offered

We plan on having 4 Virtual Events in which you can participate. 

  • An 8k Run / Walk
  • Olympic Distance Duathlon (Run 1 mile, Bike 25 miles, Run 6.2 miles)
  • Olympic Distance Triathlon (Swim .93 mile, Bike 25 miles, Run 6.2 miles)
  • “Free For All” – Any distance, any activity.

Everyone who decides to participate in at least one of our events will receive a Finisher Medal, Running Buff, and Water Bottle. The 8k, Duathlon, and Triathlon will also include additional award categories. 

Does it matter what distance I decide to run or walk?

Distance only matters if you choose to participate in the 8k race. If you choose the “Free For All” event, you can do whatever activity you choose. Our goal for the virtual race is to give you options on how to participate that fits into your current lifestyle. We’re willing to be flexible on how you’re able to hit those goals – at the same time fundraising for The Brainy Day Fund and Michigan Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation.

How do I make sure I qualify for awards for the 8k Race?

To qualify for awards for the 8k Race, you have two ways of submitting your official results.

  1. If you run with your phone, use can easily download the ASICS RunKeeper app and follow these directions. Click here to learn how you would do that.
  2. If you’re not a RunKeeper fan, you can also manually upload on our Results page. Follow these directions. 
When will I get the medal and running buff?

Our hope is that we’ll be able to send out to batches of gear. If you register before July 15, we should be able to start sending everyone’s medal and buff by the end of August. If you register after July 15, our hope is to get things in the mail by the end of September. If anything changes, we will update you through the email you use during registration

How easy is it to fundraise for each organization?

Very easy. If you choose to fundraise for a specific organization, you can make that selection during registration. After you register, you will be sent an email link to customize your personal pledge page that you can share with family, friends, or anyone you would like to be involved. Read these instructions for a step-by-step process to get up and running.

How can microdonations help me hit my fundraising goal?

Of course there 1,000 different ways to fundraise. We like the microdonation approach. Basically get potential donors to commit to a “per mile” donation. Let’s say you want to run 5 miles and raise $1,000. You can either get 4 people to donate $250 at $50/mile OR 8 people to donate $125 at $25/mile OR 20 people to donate $50 at $10/mile. With that said, if you decide you. want to run 10 miles, those 8 people now only donate $12.50/mile and you still hit your mileage. Microdonations is an easy way to get a lot of participation.