Every year, as a committee, we talk about how we want to brand the race. If there is one thing that remains year-after-year, it’s the image of the brain. For the past couple of years, I’ve taken the little graphic design skills I had and pieced something together for the shirt and website. And what we had done seemed to work. But moving into the 2018 race, the committee decided that with the addition of Finisher Medals, we needed an upgrade, something that kept many of the same elements, but took it to a new level. With Drivn Threads, we accomplished that AND so much more.

After participating in last year’s Grand Rapids Triathlon & Michigan Titanium triathlon, I thought the logo design was different than a lot of other races I had participated in over the year. I quickly reached out to Ann Vidro, one of the race directors and asked who was behind their logo design. She was happy to connect me with Jon Conkling at Drivn Threads. Jon has been a great partner of Brainy Day this year and his new design has had a huge impact on how we market the race. We have a great design that can be integrated into races for years to come AND we could not be more thrilled with what he was able to create.

Here are some of the ways we’ve incorporated Jon’s design into this year’s race.