We were very excited to hear shortly after this year’s race that Jon Conkling (Drivn Threads) was eager to partner with us in 2019 to develop the look and feel of the Brainy Day Trail Run. As we learned in 2018, a great shirt design is a big part of creating buzz for a race. The new shirt design for 2019 is exactly what we had hoped for and we’re very grateful for the work Jon puts into it – as a pro-bono service.

Every year, as a committee, we talk about how we want to brand the race. We want the design of the shirt to embody the runners’ race experience. We aim to create a special feeling with our race; that when you reach for something to wear months and years after the race, seeing the Brainy Day logo brings a smile.

Thanks Jon for the wonderful partnership we’ve had the past two years and we eagerly await what you have brewing for the future.

Here are some of the ways we incorporated Jon’s design into last year’s race.