For the third year in a row, Jon Conkling from Drivn Threads has partnered with Brainy Day as we continue to develop a cohesive marketing strategy to increase awareness of the race and The Brainy Day Fund. 

Every year, the race committee discusses the look and feel of the race. It’s been awesome working with Jon as he takes all of those ideas and comes up with a design that really captures what we’re thinking. In 2020, we wanted a little bit of a retro feel and we feel he did an awesome job putting it all together nicely. He’s also been the brains behind our team gear – which you can purchase in our store when you register for the race. All proceeds from the Team Brainy Day gear goes directly to maintaining our local hydrocephalus support group.

Here are some of the ways we have incorporated Jon’s design into the race gear over the years.

Another great design from Drivn Threads for 2020!!

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